What everyone is saying about Gustaffson…

“Gustaffson’s ‘The Jacaranda’ has an earthy organic vibe that can only come from a crystal clear vocal surrounded by well played and recorded live instruments. Great writing.

In the best way, I get an Al Green vibe as I listen. These expressive songs are carried by Andrew’s raw yet rich voice. Highly recommended!”

Bear McCreary

Composer, Outlander, Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power, The Walking Dead

“Gustaffson is in the great tradition of North West musical storytellers – a line that runs back from Elbow and I Am Kloot to Buzzcocks and The Hollies. It takes a lot of guts to write so openly and emotionally about things that matter. It takes a voice like Andrew Gower’s to carry those tunes with a vulnerability and rage that takes me on a journey that I didn’t know I needed.”

Peter Bowker

Screenwriter, Marvellous, Eric & Ernie

“Rich, Beautiful and Soulful. Gustaffson is a great balladeer. Soaring heartfelt vocals, perfect arrangements and pristine production make this EP very special. Get some. Love it.”

Peter Jobson

I Am Kloot

“Love Gustaffson’s music, it sneaks inside your head and rattles your bones.

Mark me…it’s good!”

Diana Gabaldon

Author, Outlander

“Gower’s effortless understated delivery is particularly impressive given the heart-stopping honesty of his beautifully crafted words and then he unfurls the main sail and wallop – it’s love!

Can’t believe Craig didn’t invite me to work on it.”

Guy Garvey


“Gustaffson’s love of music shines through their many wonderful songs. Andrew’s passionate vocals reach and swoop and dive and dip in moving ballads like Northern Baby, and pack a powerful punch in gritty blues-driven tracks like Champagne Socialist.”
Nathan Barr

Composer, True Blood, The Great

It’s undefinable in a way – there isn’t a track like it, it kind of carves out it’s own genre of sophisticated bass driven pop.

With the quality of the songwriting and the the Elbow connection I can only see great things happening for Andrew and the band.

Nigel Carr

Louder Than War